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Kenya National Qualifications Authority accepts online applications of academic qualifications for recognition, equation and/or verification from both Kenyans and Non-Kenyans through this platform.
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About KNREV Portal

KNREV portal is an automated system established by the KNQA to enable submission and processing (Recognition, Equation and Verification) of National and foreign Qualifications. The Kenya National Qualifications Authority (KNQA) undertakes Equation of qualifications awarded by Foreign Universities and Qualifications awarding bodies in accordance with Section10 (1) of KNQF Regulations 2018.

General Requirements for Recognition,Equation and Verification of Qualifications

  1. Upload clear certified copies of certificates and transcripts. The documents should be certified by an Advocate and Commissioner for oath (for Kenyan citizens); an Advocate and Notary public (for Foreigners); or the issuing institution;
  2. All non-English Language certifications and academic transcripts must be translated into English by a certified language translator. The translation must bear the official stamp / letter-head of the language translator;
  3. National Identity Cards or Passports of Kenyan citizens, showing clear photograph of applicant, must be certified by an Advocate and Commissioner for Oaths;
  4. Passports, work permits and visas submitted by foreigners and showing clear photograph of applicants, must be certified by an Advocate and Notary Public;
  5. In case of name change, an affidavit should be attached;
  6. For Post Graduate qualifications, applicants to provide a complete signature page in English as proof of research work and or project;

Aplication Steps


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